Locations To Be Found

If any location gurus know the whereabouts of any of the following, please drop me a line:

American Beauty (1999)

The Funeral Procession Street

The Bodyguard (1992)

Frank Farmer's House

Die Hard (1988)

The McClane House

Elf (2003)

Jovi's Apartment Building

Far From Heaven (2002)

The Whittaker House
Raymond's House
Raymond's Shop
Frank's Office
Eleanor's House
Car Wash
All-Black Restaurant

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Beth's Parent's House
Dan & Alex's Restaurant 

Ghost In The Machine (1993)

All Locations

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

Julie & Ray's House

Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

The Bahamas locations

Less Than Zero (1987)

Alana's House
Palm Springs Locations

Mommie Dearest (1981)

St. Jude's Orphanage
Christina's New York Apartment Building

Nobody's Perfect (1989)

All Locations

Serial Mom (1994)

Mrs. Jenson's House

Soapdish (1991)

The Sun Also Sets Artist Entrance (Paramount Lot?)
Jeffrey/Milton's Dinner Theater

St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

The Hospital
The Beemish House
Noami's Alley
Jules' Apartment Building
Riding in Jules' Car
The Van Buren Hotel
Wendy's Cafe
Billy's Bus Station

Stepmom (1998)

Trick or Treating Street
Anna's Soccer Game Field
Isabel Gives Anna Advice Restaurant

Weekend At Bernie's (1989)

Richard's Apartment Building
Larry's Apartment Building
Hymie's Hunan
Fire Hydrant Street

The Bradys (1990)

Marcia & Wally's Apartment Building
Peter's Office
Jan & Phillip's Apartment Building
The Architect Building
Bobby & Tracy's House
Cindy's Radio Station
Alice's Apartment

Gimme A Break! (1981-1987)

The Kanisky House
Addy's NY Basement Apartment

Melrose Place (1992-1999)

Twin Oaks Rehabilitation Center
Kimberly's Garden Apartment Building
Robert's Apartment Complex
The Fielding House
Matt & Jeffrey's Cafe
The Carter's House Version 1
The Carter's Lake House
Sydney's Strip Joint
Hank's Pool Hall
Paul Graham's House
Zach Phillips' House

Nip/Tuck (2003-2010)

The Carver Episodes Locations

Rags To Riches (1987-1988)

The School
The Orphanage
Bridgewood School for Girls
Foley Foods

Sisters (1991-1996)

Georgie's House from Pilot
The Reed House from Pilot
Mitch's Fish Market

Swingtown (2008)

All Locations

Gia (1998)

Gia's Childhood Home
Gia's Apartment Building
Linda's Apartment Building
The Philly Diner
The Funeral Church
The Geisha Girl Photo Shoot

I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989)

Jody's House
The Bridge
The Courthouse
Merced Elementary
Merced Toy Store
The Green Hotel

Medusa: Dare To Be Truthful (1992)

All Locations

The Brady Girls Get Married (1981)

All Locations

A Very Brady Christmas (1988)

Mike's Office Building
Carol's Office Building

Janet Jackson - Control (1986)

Janet's House

Rebbie Jackson - Centipede (1984)

Gazebo & Stairs

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